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GUID Player Team League Division Joined Abandoned
318dc7fa JoE131 [INACTIVE]overRated CAL aa 2007-10-30 2007-11-01
318dc7fa joe131 intergalactichomosexualblackmenfrommianus,CT CEVO Unknown
318dc7fa joe131 [iN]struments of Allah CEVO Unknown
318dc7fa joe131 OverRated CEVO Unknown
318dc7fa joe131 We Play WoW CEVO Unknown
318dc7fa joe131 IceNine XPL 4v4 Main 2010-01-30 1969-12-31
318dc7fa JoE131 Innovation CAL aat 2007-05-01 2007-06-29
318dc7fa JoE131 [INACTIVE]overRated CAL aai 2007-11-01 2008-06-13
318dc7fa JoE131 Instruments of God CAL aai 2010-10-08
318dc7fa JoE131 Ironmen CAL aai 2008-09-27 2008-10-28
318dc7fa JoE131 Innovation CAL aai 2006-09-30 2007-01-01
318dc7fa JoE131 Ironmen CAL aam 2008-06-10 2008-10-28
318dc7fa JoE131 Innovation CAL aam 2007-06-29 2007-10-22
318dc7fa JoE131 Innovation CAL aa 2006-05-27 2006-07-08
318dc7fa joe131 > you CEVO Unknown