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Player UID GUID Joined Abandoned
devour 0:1:4096860
sauce 0:1:6260350
DirtySecreT 0:1:99246
classified 0:1:9673607
heatwave 0:1:6936045


Date Home Team Away Team Map Score Description
zomblerz Vision Valor Victory de_tuscan Week 9:2
zomblerz Sour Patch Kids de_tuscan Week 9:1
zomblerz Nigerians with Goggles de_scorch Week 7:2
zomblerz Dynamic de_scorch Week 7:1
zomblerz Phenom de_train Week 6:2
zomblerz anneX de_russka Week 5:2
zomblerz Torqued de_train Week 6:1
zomblerz Vision Valor Victory de_russka Week 5:1
zomblerz Sour Patch Kids de_inferno Week 4:2
zomblerz EZMONEY CREW de_inferno Week 4:1
zomblerz OK2STRONG de_contra Week 3:2
zomblerz Nigerians with Goggles de_contra Week 3:1
zomblerz Dynamic de_dust2 Week 2:2
zomblerz Phenom de_dust2 Week 2:1
zomblerz Torqued de_season Week 1:2
zomblerz anneX de_season Week 1:1
Vision Valor Victory zomblerz de_tuscan Week 9:2
Vision Valor Victory zomblerz de_russka Week 5:1
Torqued zomblerz de_train Week 6:1
Torqued zomblerz de_season Week 1:2
OK2STRONG zomblerz de_contra Week 3:2
Sour Patch Kids zomblerz de_tuscan Week 9:1
Sour Patch Kids zomblerz de_inferno Week 4:2
Phenom zomblerz de_train Week 6:2
Phenom zomblerz de_dust2 Week 2:1
Nigerians with Goggles zomblerz de_scorch Week 7:2
Nigerians with Goggles zomblerz de_contra Week 3:1
EZMONEY CREW zomblerz de_inferno Week 4:1
Dynamic zomblerz de_scorch Week 7:1
Dynamic zomblerz de_dust2 Week 2:2
anneX zomblerz de_russka Week 5:2
anneX zomblerz de_season Week 1:1